November 10, 2015

Yes, I know it’s again BODY SHOP, but their products are simply great. And I just want to share my favorite body care products with my valuable followers.
There is a huge variety of The Body Shop’s body butters and each of them has its own unique flavour. You don’t want to decide but just like to take them all. Me personally I stick to Shea Body Butter.

Shea is in particular suitable for the colder days of the year in order to moisturize your body skin. The best time to put it on is before going to bed because it doesn’t move in that quickly and over night this should not disturb at all. You will wake up experiencing a very soft and pleasant skin feeling.
Shea has a especially rich grooming charecteristic and has an antioxidant effect. Furthermore I love the nice agreeable nutty but yet neutral flavour.

A nice product!

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